Production equipment

Feasibility study

Since 1995, we have been working in partnership with Axel SEIFERT (MATERIAL ENGINEERING for filament winding technology).

We work to ensure the study, development and feasibility of your projects, carrying out the necessary constraint calculations and structural analysis using database and composite design software: COMPOSITESTAR & CADWIND

Our production equipment


8-axis winding station with KUKA ROBOT
3 laying levels for diameters 400 x lg 4000.
1 laying level for diameters 1000 x lg 3000.
Work with 3 pay-out heads and thermo-controlled baths for wet winding.
Work with 3 specially adapted heads for dry winding (pre-impregnated).
18-reel tension system

1 PLASTREX filament winding machine, 4 programmable axes.
2 laying levels for diameters 150 x 3000.
1 laying level for diameters 600 x 3000.
16-reel tension system

1 PLASTREX polymerization and gelation oven with thermo-control and recording. Capacity 4000X3000.
1 Bath
2 Demandrelling benches
1 Parallel lathe diameter 400 x 2500.
1 Parallel lathe diameter 500 x 3000.
A great many winding mandrels.