Fields of application

Offshore Submarine

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Customer: Alcatel-Lucent

For the company Alcatel-Lucent, we develop composite parts (epoxy/glass fibre), intended for submerged telecommunication cable amplifier systems (with fibre optics used to create an inter-continental telecommunications network).
These parts have a tensile strength in excess of 60 tons.

Railway sector

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Customers: SNCF, RATP

For the railway sector, our clients include SNCF and RATP.
We handle the production of isolating bars that can be used for multiple purposes.
The railway sector requires us to meet the strictest of technical and technological constraints, which we have already been doing for numerous years now.



Customer: TDA Armement SAS (Groupe THALES)

We also use our invaluable know-how for the company TDA Armement SAS (THALÈS Group).

Oil exploration


We produce carbon and glass fibre parts for experimental oil research (ex: high pressure carbon cells).



We manufacture glass fibre/epoxy insulating sheaths up to 600mm in diameter and 3m in length.
These sheaths are designed for metal-sorting equipment for Eddy Current Separator Systems.


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Customer: TORAY-PLASTIQUE France

The company TORAY-PLASTIQUE France relies on us to manufacture its coated High Module (HM) carbon pressing cylinders used in the production of magnetic tape.
We ensure the manufacture of any carbon or glass fibre parts for industrial use.

Road transport

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Manufacture of composite maintenance reinforcement materials for the road sector.

Specialized fields

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We are specialized in the manufacture of particularly thick parts. We handle the complete production of any composite parts required in your projects (Filament winding, specific control, machining/assembly and metal inserts).